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Danny Masterson asks judge to delay trial because his lawyer is also representing Trevor Bauer

Danny Masterson asks judge to postpone rape case AGAIN as his lawyers are too busy defending Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer in his sexual assault case

  • Danny Masterson faces trial in October on three rape charges
  • The trial was supposed to start in August, but he scored a delay
  • Since then, Masterson has asked for another postponement until next year
  • He says his team is working on another high-profile sex offense – Trevor Bauer’s
  • Bauer was accused of sexually assaulting a woman last June
  • Woman claims Masterson raped her at gunpoint during a party at his home in 2003 after she spiked her drink







Danny Masterson has asked a judge to postpone his rape case again, alleging against a judge that his lawyers are too busy dealing with another prominent client in a separate sexual assault case – that of Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer.

Masterson, 46, rose to fame on That ’70s Show in the early 2000s, starring Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. He is charged with raping three women between 2001 and 2003, at the height of the show’s success, and will face trial in Los Angeles later this year.

The process has already taken two years to start. It was supposed to start in August, but his legal team recently won a six-week reprieve.

Now Masterson is asking for another adjournment which would push the trial start date to January next year, as his attorney, Shawn Holley, is also representing Bauer against allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman.

Journalist Tony Ortega his request was first cited in court documents earlier this week.

Bauer was charged with sexually assaulting a woman last June. He has since been placed on administrative leave by the Dodgers.

In response to Masterson’s request, one of the victims involved – Jane Doe #1 – wrote a letter this week stating that further delays harm not only her, but the other women involved as well.

Danny Masterson

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer

Danny Masterson, left, has been charged with sexually assaulting three women between 2001 and 2003. He was due to face trial in August, but that was postponed to October because his lawyers also represent Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer in his own sexual assault case.

“My life has been tortured for so many years because of what happened to me. Finally, the day of justice has arrived and now I see that there is one more excuse to delay justice, which will only do more damage to me and the other victims.

“I hope the Court understands that the issues in this trial, the rights of the victims and the need to conclude this important case are more important than any scheduling conflict related to baseball,” she said.

Masterson, along with the Church of Scientology of which he is a member, is also indicted by four women over similar charges.

Three of the women involved in the lawsuit also belonged to the Church.

They claim the church has spent years trying to cover up their allegations against Masterson.

The Church of Scientology has fought in vain to convince the judge to dismiss their claims.

The first prosecutor previously told in detail how Masterson allegedly raped her at a party at his Hollywood home in 2003.

She claimed that he gave her a “fruity drink” and that she began to feel nauseous and dizzy immediately after drinking it.

Danny Masterson with his wife Bijou Phillips.  He has denied the allegations

Danny Masterson with his wife Bijou Phillips.  He has denied the allegations

Danny Masterson with his wife Bijou Phillips. He has denied the allegations

She claims he unzipped her pants and threw her into a bubble bath. Then, she says, he took her to a bathroom in his house and felt her breasts despite her “muting” him.

She testified that Masterson then took her to his bedroom and threw her on his bed where he “vaginally and anally” raped her while brandishing a gun.

She said she lost consciousness at the time, but came to when he was “in” her.

“When I came to, he was on top of me and he was inside me. The first thing I remember is I grabbed his hair to pull it out,” she said earlier.

She also claimed he was wielding the gun and said, “Don’t move. Don’t say a word.’

The Church of Scientology now plans to take their case to the conservative majority SCOTUS.

Originally, the church tried to hold the women to an arbitration agreement they signed when they were part of the religion that would prohibit them from making claims against the institution.

A California court rejected the church’s attempt to hold the women to the agreement.

Now Church leaders and advocates are calling on SCOTUS to reverse that decision.