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Cheapest broadband and sim-only mobile deals to save money on bills

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Nearly 6 million households are reportedly struggling to pay their essential telecom bills, despite cuts in other essential services.

The Ofcom report shows that an estimated 3.5 million households have already cut essential spending on clothing and food in the past month to pay their broadband or mobile phone bills.

Which? Calls on the government to cut VAT on mobile, broadband and telephone services to ease the financial burden of the cost of living on struggling Britons.

New customers can get 40GB of data from just £5 a month with TalkMobile or a free voucher worth £155 if they switch to Vodafone broadband before the end of August

New customers can get 40GB of data from just £5 a month with TalkMobile or a free voucher worth £155 if they switch to Vodafone broadband before the end of August

Which?’s analysis of Ofcom data found that an estimated 5.7 million households have experienced at least one affordability problem in recent months that has resulted in the cancellation or modification of their essential services, or missed payments.

The number of households with affordability problems rose by a fifth in the past month from 16 percent in February 2022 to 20 percent in April 2022.

Which? found that lower- and middle-income earners, less than £52,000 a year, would most likely have cut essential expenses to cover telecom costs.

One in five lower-income households cut spending elsewhere in April 2022 to pay for connectivity services, falling to one in eight for middle-income households.

Which? has called on the next prime minister to reduce the VAT amount on telecoms from 20 percent to 5 percent to align with other essentials, such as gas and electricity.

It estimated that this would reduce costs by an average of £120 per year.

Which? also said that during an ongoing cost of living crisis, consumers should be made aware of and have easy access to the most cost-effective deal – including social or discounted rates.

We explain here who can get a social broadband tariff and what offers are available.

For those ineligible, This is Money has rounded up the cheapest mobile and broadband deals offering up to £155 in voucher incentives.

Get a £95 Amazon voucher at Virgin Media

Virgin Media is offering a £95 voucher to their switchers this week – with average broadband speeds of 100mbps from from € 24 per month*.

The 18-month contract offers customers the chance to take advantage of high-speed broadband at affordable prices without long commitments.

The deal is only available until August 7, so switchers should act quickly to get their hands on the tempting welcome offers.

Virgin customers can also save an additional £120 on their annual subscription services with the new plug-in TV streaming device, Stream.

New customers who sign up to the streaming platform can get a 10 percent back on every online subscription service it supports, from Amazon Prime to Netflix and Disney+, which could save you an extra £10 a month.

Receive up to £155 in vouchers with Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone is offering a range of vouchers for new customers looking to switch to their broadband this month, with some broadband packages offering up to £155 in welcome bonuses.

You can get download speeds of up to 38 Mbps with a 24 month contract with Vodafone’s Superfast 1 plan, which is available for £22 per month* – with a £125 voucher up for grabs.

If you’re looking for a deal with a little more power, you can opt for his Super fast 2 deal*, which offers speeds of up to 67 Mbps from just £25 a month – although you can choose the option Super fast 100* deal and get 100 Mbps for the same price.

If you’re looking for hefty download speeds of up to 500 mbps, you could do it opt for its Pro Ultrafast 500 broadband from £48 per month* and grab yourself a whopping £155 voucher.

Compared to the £95 Amazon voucher available with select Virgin Broadband packages, Vodafone’s £155 voucher can be used in a range of stores including M&S, Tesco and Sainsburys.

The offers are valid until August 25.

Get an ongoing contract for under £3 with TalkMobile

TalkMobile is offering half of its ongoing contracts this summer to new customers looking for a low-cost SIM-only deal.

The virtual mobile network, powered by Vodafone, offers up to 15 GB of 5G data and unlimited calls and texts. for only € 3.98 per month* for the first three months.

After that, the price will double to £7.96, which is still good value.

The one-month rolling contract means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with long-term deals that could cost you more in the long run, and you can switch to another deal after the three months are up to save more money.

If you are someone who mainly uses WIFI, you could choose the even cheaper package*, with 5GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes from just £1.99 for the first three months and £2.98 thereafter.

But if you’re a big social media browser, TalkMobile has you covered, with deals offering up to 40GB of data from just £5 a month for three months.

TalkMobile also offers EU roaming, meaning customers won’t have to worry about rising mobile bills this summer.

Find the fastest and cheapest broadband – and see if you can save

1659694932 94 Cheapest broadband and sim only mobile deals to save money on

1659694932 94 Cheapest broadband and sim only mobile deals to save money on

Broadband, TV and phone contracts are notoriously sticky, with customers often letting deals run for many years while carriers raise prices.

But it may be possible for you to get faster broadband, a better TV package and an improved phone deal while saving money every month.

It’s always worth comparing prices to see if you can save, especially as the cost of living is high.

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