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Multiple dead across multiple sites in Laurel, Nebraka in an explosion

BREAKING: Multiple deaths in multiple locations in Laurel, Nebraska: Explosion shook two properties at 3 a.m. and officials in dangerous suits react

  • Multiple fatalities have been confirmed by the Nebraska State Patrol after an explosion
  • Witnesses in Laurel, Nebraska, report seeing and hearing an explosion around 3 a.m
  • Laurel City Hall officials said they were advised by the Sheriff’s Office to introduce lockdown status
  • Nebraska State Patrol officials said fires were ‘involved’ at two properties where the bodies were found

Nebraska State Patrol investigates multiple fatalities after an early morning explosion in Laurel, Nebraska.

An unknown number of people were found dead in two homes, with authorities confirming fires occurred in both locations.

Officials in hazmat suits walk to the crime scene early Thursday morning.

There are thought to be multiple scenes in Cedar County, with law enforcement concentrated around 3rd and Elm Streets.

The perimeter reportedly extends beyond the street, with witnesses reporting seeing and hearing an explosion at 3 a.m.

Laurel City Hall officials told they had been advised by the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office to introduce a “recommended” lockdown status.

The Nebraska State Patrol has confirmed multiple deaths in the incident

Witnesses in Wakefield allege that a school there has been shut down, and that other businesses and buildings in Laurel should also close ranks.

Cody Thomas, a spokesman for the Nebraska State Patrol, said state investigators were on their way to Laurel.

He believes they would likely lead the way in the investigation, adding: “There was a fire at both houses, and that’s all I know.”

A spokeswoman for the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office said she had “no information” about the dead.

Laurel is home to less than 1,000 people and is located about 100 miles, 161 kilometers, northwest of Omaha.

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