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20% off this great SIM Only transaction – offers 50GB of data for just £12/month

If you are looking for a new sim plan, MVNO Smarty may be the right choice for you with the latest sales. It offers flexibility, affordability, and most importantly large amounts of data.

This SIM-only transaction in question is based on Smarty’s 50 GB plan. Currently, the brand is 20% off the price, so it pays just £12 a month. This is the lowest price for that amount of data.

With 50 GB you can surf the internet for about 2500 hours, stream about 10,000 songs and send as many as 20,000 emails.

This is because Smarty works on a one-month ongoing contract. You can leave whenever you want. However, if you stay for more than a year, the price will revert to the original cost of £15.

SIM Only Deals: Smarty’s Flexible Bargains

Sim-only subscription from Smarty 1 month rolling | 50 GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £15 £12 per month
So far, this is easily one of the few best SIM trades on the market. For just £12 a month you get 50GB of data every month. This is 20% off the original price and is generally one of the cheapest options for that much data. Smarty works on a one-month ongoing contract, so you can leave at any time.
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Why choose Smarty Mobile?

It’s a brand I’ve never heard of, but it’s a name that gives major retailers serious competition. Let me tell you why.

With a great combination of cheap sim-only transactions and big data bargains, Smarty covers most market needs. And with a one-month ongoing contract, you can stay as long as you want, making this a perfect stop-off option.

What is the ultimate benefit? Smarty allows you to pair your device with your mobile phone. This means you can use that data on your laptop, tablet, or even a recently used console.

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20% off this great SIM Only transaction – offers 50GB of data for just £12/month