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1922: Ex-Kaiser to Marry Princess Hermine

Credit…International Herald Tribune

DÖRN, Tuesday. – The Kaiser has officially entered into a marriage engagement with Princess Hermine of Schönaich-Caroiath, born Princess Ruess.

The first official news of the ex-Kaiser’s engagement reached Paris yesterday in the above telegram to The New York Herald direct from Doorn. Princess Hermine, younger daughter of the late reigning Prince Heinrich XXII of the senior line of the House of Ruess, married Prince Johann, a cadet of the Prussian princely family of Carolath-Beuthen in 1907, and was widowed in 1920. She has three sons and two daughters.

According to a report from Berlin, the marriage will probably take place in November. The former emperor originally intended to announce his engagement at the end of October, but changed his mind and made this announcement due to information published in America.

Princess Hermione visited the ex-emperor in Doorn last spring and stayed about a week at the castle. Since then she has been in constant correspondence with him. The marriage project has met with strong opposition from members of the Hohenzollern family and in monarchist circles in Germany. A deputation, led by Herr von Oldenburg-Januscha, even went to Doorn to raise objections, but met with a warm response from the former monarch.

The “Deutsche Tages Zeitung” indicates that the news of the engagement made an unpleasant impression on the ex-Kaiser’s sons, but that the unpleasantness has been glossed over and they will be represented at the wedding by the former crown prince.

— The New York Herald, European Edition, September 20, 1922.