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13 must-have premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘Metroid: Dread’, ‘Titane’, Stephen King and more

While our most international Fantastic Film Festival is held in Sitges, those who have not been lucky enough to attend can enjoy some of its premieres in cinema (and online), get carried away by a returning classic, Samus Aran, and even buy a new console. That is not for lack of plans.


It is one of the most anticipated premieres of the moment, and it arrives simultaneously at the Sitges festival and the cinemas. This is the new film by Julia Ducournau, director of the shocking ‘Crudo’, and that it won the last Palme d’Or at Cannes, something unusual for a film that openly dives into the fantasy genre in the most rugged way possible. It tells how a young man with a bruised face is discovered at an airport, and claims to be a boy who disappeared a decade ago. Meanwhile, a series of murders begin in the area.

Sitges Online Festival

Speaking of Sitges, the festival started yesterday, and this year it may not have been good for you to stop by. Last year organized a small section of online screenings because of the pandemic, and Although those circumstances were left behind, the festival has decided to keep these premieres online, accessible from its website. There is not all the immense program of the festival, but there are fifty representatives of all categories, a good part of the official section and films as intriguing as the animated ‘Mad God’ by Phil Tippett or a documentary about the theatrical version of ‘Alien ‘.


Filmin has brought to its catalog an arsenal of Russian films that is absolutely recommended if you want to distance yourself from the usual tones, styles and rhythms. Try the marvelous ‘El Viyi’, a marvel that for many years was the only Russian horror production, or with this monumental ‘Kin-dza-dza!’, a sci-fi eccentricity that looks like it was shot by a bastard cross between the Monty Pythons and Tarkovski and that has, with special chanantes effects, how two humans are teleported by accident, by pressing the wrong button, to a planet called Plyuk, where the inhabitants only speak eleven words.

‘Mr. Robot’

Comes to Netflix, in its entirety, a series that reformulated the vision of hackers in fiction, and that took advantage of the then very fashionable activist stream of Anonymous to lay out a very consistent suspense story. The true revelation of the series is Rami Malek as the gifted computer expert with the social anxiety that triggers the action. A good opportunity to see if your intrigue is still holding up with the same effectiveness.

‘The code that was worth millions’

A true story told in a four-part German series that recreates the lawsuit that the creators of the Terravision project filed against Google when it created Google Earth. In the cast, familiar faces from German television, such as Mark Waschke, the villain of ‘Dark’, and although the names have been changed, the real equivalents have acted as advisers in the production. And to complete, a documentary on the subject.

‘Metroid: Dread’

The new ‘Metroid: Dread’ is the first installment in the series in no less than 19 years. And the Spanish Mercury Steam have been concerned that this conclusion of the plot lines about the Metroids that began in the first game come to an end. All with 2D that taste classic and a reformulation of the metroidvania concept that has both an injection of novelty and reverential respect for the classic from Nintendo.

  • Now available for Nintendo Switch

‘Far Cry 6’

A sequel that, despite carrying all the recognizable elements of Ubi’s sandbox franchise on board, tries to take a turn to explore new terrain. One of them is the ability to craft weapons until they become the core of all setup and strategies offered by the game. And all, as always, in one of the wild environments full of exploration possibilities to which the games in the series have accustomed us.

  • Disponible para PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y Stadia

Nintendo Switch OLED

This weekend we have a new console: the Nintendo Switch OLED, an improvement of the Switch that we already knew, with a screen that offers better contrast and brighter colors, and that increases its usable size up to seven inches. Tipping and hard drive capacity doubles, speaker quality improves and base design, which includes Ethernet connection as standard. If you don’t already have a Switch, it’s the perfect way to debut that tantalizing ‘Metroid: Dread’.

Nintendo Switch (OLED version) White

Nintendo Switch (OLED version) White

‘Alan Wake Remastered’

Remedy Entertainment gave birth to one of his best works with this horror and investigation game that he now enjoys a remastered version that will allow us to relive the best-worst moments of that macabre history in which a successful writer investigates the disappearance of his wife while discovering a novel that he does not remember writing. Now 720p cinematics go to spectacular 4K, so get ready to go through this odyssey again like a movie.

  • Disponible para PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S

'Far Cry 6': Six tactics of the new installment to take the franchise in a different direction

‘Primavera para Madrid’ (Magius)

Primavera1 Forcrop
Primavera1 Forcrop

The comic is not a novelty, but we echo here the little miracle that supposes that the National Comic Prize, awarded this week, has fallen on Magius and on this groundbreaking and rebellious marvel, which makes a caustic and esoteric review of the corruption that runs rampant through our institutions. Radical both in terms of form and plot, it is a well-deserved award that still has a mystery to solve: will one of the portrayed characters ever deliver it to the author …?


‘Wagnerismo’ (Alex Ross)

Home Wagnerismo 202106161017
Home Wagnerismo 202106161017

If you are interested in music and its impact on popular culture, the new by Alex Ross (one of the most important experts on the subject of the moment, thanks to his ‘Eternal noise’) may interest you: in ‘Wagnerismo’, Ross reveals the figure of Wagner as the most influential figure in the history of music, thanks to colossal creations like ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’ or ‘Tristan and Isolde’. But what is it to be Wagnerian? Analyzing personalities such as Nietzsche, Van Gogh, Dalí, Buñuel, Baudelaire, Virginia Woolf or Proust, Ross delves into the impact and influence of genius.

Wagnerismo: Art and politics in the shadow of music (Los Tres Mundos)

Wagnerismo: Art and politics in the shadow of music (Los Tres Mundos)

‘Colder than war’ (Fabián Plaza Miranda)

colder than war
colder than war

The last Minotaur Award is a unique piece that mixes terror, science fiction of transdimensional invasions and a sympathetic uchrony in which the national side won the Spanish Civil War, turning the country into an important piece for international politics, but completely isolated from the rest of the countries. Until a source of information emerges that can change the course of the war against the enigmatic critters of another dimension.

Colder than war - Minotaur Award 2021

Colder than war – Minotaur Award 2021

‘Billy Summers’ (Stephen King)

billy summers
billy summers

Latest from Stephen King It is not a horror novel, but a thriller in which the author demonstrates his ability as an off-road writer. Here he tells the story of a hit man who, however, has a strict moral code. The preparation of his latest work is the core of this story without supernatural elements but with the unmistakable addictive component of King.

Billy Summers (Spanish edition) (Hits)

Billy Summers (Spanish edition) (Hits)