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13 must-have premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘Dune’, ‘Deathloop’, Junji Ito and more

This weekend, at last and after countless delays, ‘Dune’ arrives in our cinemas. But yesi mystical deserts and giant sandworms are not your thing, calm down, that we have time loops and metaphysical oriental horror. It cannot be said that our selection of 13 plans for the weekend does not come well stocked.


One of the most anticipated and notorious premieres of a year that has not yet finished raising its head after the pandemic hit in 2020 is a ambitious and uncompromising adaptation of Frank Herbert’s literary sci-fi classic. Denis Villeneuve does not renounce either the spectacularity or the solemnity of the original in a hyper-stylized and bombastic film, perhaps demanding for audiences accustomed to kinder shows. But we need more like her.

‘The squid game’

Intriguing Korean production featuring a mix of ‘Saw’, ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Yellow Humor’ where hundreds of people with financial problems are invited to participate in a curious contest of children’s rules, colorful aesthetics and millionaire prizes. Outlandish humor and sadistic wackiness in one of the weekend’s most promising releases.

‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ‘

nice reformulation of the classic toy franchise, in a youthful and futuristic key, and with CGI animation. Redesigned characters and updated stories with futuristic paraphernalia and a revamped origin story for all characters. Exciting designs and frenzied, loud action that leaves no time to even catch your breath.

‘Encounters in the dark’

Interesting British thriller that draws on classics such as ‘Encounters in the third phase’ and that tells how, a year after the disappearance of an 8-year-old girl, her family returns to their hometown. That same afternoon, Strange lights appear in a nearby forest and the family has an accident with which they will begin a series of revelations that may lead them to discover the truth about the disappearance of the little girl.


Ten years ago Steven Soderbergh predicted the pandemic we are experiencing ridiculously accurately, to the point that seeing ‘Contagion’ is a much more extreme experience than its director possibly had planned. From the Ice Palace to anti-vaccine tweets, through the exponential speed with which the disease spread throughout the world. It lacked the DJs on the balconies, but everything else is here.

  • At 22:10 on Friday 17 at La 1 (and you also have it and HBO)


One of the most original and risky games we’ve seen lately, disguised as shooter with time loops, but actually follows the Arkane (‘Dishonored’, ‘Prey’) philosophy of letting the player tackle the games however they want. A sophisticated system of powers and weapons and a series of simple objectives (kill a series of objectives … that revive when the loop is reactivated) for a labyrinthine game of searching for clues within the most absolute freedom of action.

  • Available for PC and Playstation 5

Open Beta of ‘Age of Empires IV’

This weekend, between September 17 at 7:00 p.m. and September 20 at 7:00 p.m. It will be possible to access the open beta of ‘Age of Empires IV’. It is a technical stress test to test the servers and see how they perform when there are many simultaneous connections, but it will allow you to access the game if your team meets these minimum requirements, and test the online multiplayer.

  • Access through Steam y pulsa “Unirse a Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test”


Don’t get carried away by its graphics, which are reminiscent of animes from two or three decades ago: ‘Eastward’ has humor and very adult themes, and is set in a society on the verge of extinction due to a toxin. The two protagonists live in an underground society from which they want to escape and they will do so in an adventure that mixes exploration, puzzles and action, combining the skills of the two friends. A surprise from the creators of titles like ‘Stardew Valley’ or ‘Starbound’

  • Available for PC and Nintendo Switch


a role-playing game that its creators define as “adaptive”, set in a cyberpunk future, and where our decisions will guide the development of the game. In the Warsaw of the XXII century, the player plays a private detective specializing in crimes that take place in virtual environments. With this starting point, the title encourages approaching problems and cases from personal angles, and proposes a curious isometric view that puts all the accent on the highly detailed scenarios.

  • Available for PC and Nintendo Switch

'Deathloop': a classic video game resource establishes Arkane as the queen of the most strategic action

‘Piranesi’ (Susanna Clarke)


The modern classic ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell’ finally finds a successor with the new novel by its author, Susanna Clarke. Again mixing historical reality and overflowing fantasy, we will enter the house of Piranesi, a mutant and liquid place (sometimes literally), where its owner undertakes a scientific investigation to reach The Great Secret Knowledge with the help of someone who calls himself The Other.

Piranesi (Narrative Salamander)

Piranesi (Narrative Salamander)

‘The Empire of Pain’ (Patrick Radden Keefe)


Subtitled ‘The secret history of the dynasty that reigned in the pharmaceutical industry’, this essay by the author of ‘Say nothing’ delves into the history of the Sackler family, one of the richest in the world and one of the most respected … until it became known that its wealth came from the OxyContin, the potent pain reliever that catalyzed America’s opioid crisis. This book reviews the history of the emporium built thanks to Valium and whose origins date back to the times of the Great Depression.

The Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Dynasty That Reigned in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Reservoir Narrative)

The Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Dynasty That Reigned in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Reservoir Narrative)

‘Tokyo Vice’ (Jake Adelstein)

Tokyo Vice I6n21066956
Tokyo Vice I6n21066956

A vibrant first-person essay that begins when American journalist Jake Adelstein joined a Japanese newspaper at just 24 years old, becoming the first foreign professional to take such a position. Over twelve years he covered all kinds of crimes, many of them related to the yakuza., and became the interlocutor of the organization, which came to endanger his life, even when he returned to the West.

Tokyo Vice (PENINSULA)

‘The threshold of the sinister’ (Junji Ito)

Dust Jacket Sinister Threshold Web
Dust Jacket Sinister Threshold Web

One of the most followed (and feared) horror manga authors is back. In this new volume, the author of ‘Uzumaki’ and ‘Tomie’ presents four stories that explore explore the threshold that separates the world of the living and that of the dead, the real and the phantasmagorical, faith and madness, wakefulness and sleep. All with its usual tone between cartoony and outright horror.