13 dead after landslide in Ivory Coast washes away homes

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ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) – A landslide on the outskirts of Ivory Coast’s largest city killed at least 13 people on Thursday after heavy rains wiped out about 20 homes in the area, authorities said.

Anyama was searched for those who went missing, while meteorologists warned that the flood risk remained high in Abidjan after several days of heavy rainfall.

On Sunday, a three-story building in Abatta Village, east of Abidjan, collapsed and storms were also blamed for one death in Abobo.

Ivory Coast’s rainy season is known to kill in June, especially in informal settlements with poor drainage from homes that are often built quickly without zoning rules.

Two years ago, 20 people died this week from storm-related causes, including 18 in the Abidjan area.

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